Aronora – “Escapology”

AronoraI love a good palindrome. Aronora aren’t quite as interesting as their name however. Once again I am put off by the vocals. Lead singer Ben Cameron has a very distinctive tone to his voice that, I think, people will either really love or not like too well. I fall into the later group. It’s a deeper tone that is a bit affected at times.

I do like the band’s early 80s Rush vibe on tracks like the opener “Vote 1: Anything Else” and especially the intro to “Disengage.” Mostly, the band have a cool sound that has an alternative rock vibe to it. But there are times that even the music is off-putting. The first half of the single “Set to Fail” does fail with a guitar sound that is like a siren or maybe a bee. It stops half way thru the song which is about two minutes too damn long. The shame of it is that the second half of the song is possible the best piece of music on the entire record!!

The band takes risks and I do admire that. “Drifting Into Insecure” is a minute and a half clarinet and conga instrumental. It’s pretty cool but you’re left wondering what it was for. It could have been fleshed out into a full fledged song. “One Day We’ll Go” is basically the song that that intro is intended for, I suppose. The flute solo is actually really cool and unusual.

Overall, the band is very talented but I am left confused by the direction of the album and also left a bit cold by Ben’s vocals. He can sing, let me make that quite clear. It’s not him, it’s me! I think his voice might just take some getting used to and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have no doubt many people will find it to be just fine. It’s just not for me.

Rating: 6.5/10

1. Vote 1: Anything Else
2. Fake Escape
3. Disengage
4. Set To Fail
5. Drifting Into Insecure
6. One Day We’ll Go
7. This Is Anywhere
8. An Hour A Lifetime, A Decade An Instant
9. Set To Fail (single edit)


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