Antimatter – “The Judas Table”

The Judas TableAntimatter is the project of the multi-talented Mick Moss. You can’t help but connect Antimatter to Anathema because both bands share an ex-member in Duncan Patterson. So they do share some “remote” DNA. Stylistically, Antimatter have a darker sound than Anathema does now but if you recall, Anathema used to have that dark atmosphere.

That is one reason that I find myself enjoying the new Antimatter album, “The Judas Table” more than the last Anathema album. Mick Moss has experienced the disappointments that we all have and that’s one reason that I can really identify with his music and lyrics. Vocally, Moss still sounds like a dead ringer for David Sylvian. His bottom range has that “trailing” vibrato that Sylvian has as well. This might take some getting used to for the uninitiated.

The album starts with “Black Eyed Man” which has an inherent beauty to it. At first, I wasn’t keen on some of the odd sound effects midway thru it but once the Gilmour-esque guitar solo kicks it (there are a few of those), it’s just amazing! “Killer” is another amazing track. It has one of those intros that is instantly definable to the song. Synths, pianos and a soft drumbeat. It does kick in which just adds to the dramatic feeling of the track. Moss is the master of drama and emotion.

“Comarades” is a track of two halves. The first half is basically an all acoustic affair and just when I was thinking it wasn’t going to really take off, the band kicks in and there is a insanely beautiful acoustic lead. It just ascends from there; amazing track! “Stillborn Empires” is another one that takes a turn. You think it’s actually OVER 5 minutes into it, but it just gets heavier and there’s a very cool, female operatic vocal.

I love that about “The Judas Table.” The songs are first and foremost but the arrangements of the songs are just as key. Lyrics are also quite memorable. “Integrity. What’s the point if no one else has any?” One of the best lines on the album. Mick Moss has the rare talent of getting to the point without mincing words and still being poetic.

“The Judas Table” is an incredible record. If you like dark, brooding music in the vein of Katatonia but with a Floydian slant, Antimatter have something for you here. Mick Moss proves once again that music has to be about the song itself. And melancholia is as beautiful as ever. I recommend listening to this outside under the stars at night with headphones on to achieve total bliss.

Rating: 9/10

1. Black Eyed Man
2. Killer
3. Comrades
4. Stillborn Empires
5. Little Piggy
6. Hole
7. Can of Worms
8. Integrity
9. The Judas Table
10. Goodbye

Label: Prophecy

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