Scale the Summit – “V”

VIn the ever increasingly crowded world of instrumental progressive metal, Scale the Summit have gradually emerged as one of the leaders of the pack. What impresses me the most is that with the band’s fifth album, appropriately entitled “V,” the band have continually pushed themselves to get better with each album.

Adding to the degree of difficulty has been replacing their rhythm section over the last two albums. Mark Michell joined on bass guitar for their last record “The Migration” and J.C. Bryant is now on drums on this album. With all due respect to their predecessors, both newer members have injected more life into Scale the Summit’s songs and the band sound better than ever on this album.

There is more diversity on the album, not only song to song but also within the songs themselves. “Soria Moria” has plenty of light and shade, quieter moments and also the band shredding too. I always thought Scale the Summit were playing it a little safe on their first few records but now, they show that they can go from the full on blitz of “Trapped in Ice,” which has a very cool moody ending, to their best track ever “Blue Sun,” which proves that Scale the Summit can go fucking apeshit when they want.

Scale the Summit have released two very clever videos for the aforementioned “Blue Sun” and for “Stolas.” These videos really show the band’s fun personality. That personality really comes thru on all of the tracks on “V.” This is something the band needed. It’s too easy for instrumental bands to just be boring technicians. With “V,” Scale the Summit have indeed released their best album to date and proved that it’s not enough to be able to play with technical prowess. They show that having a good time can be translated musically and subsequently take the listener along for a great time!

Rating: 9/10

1. The Winged Bull
2. Soria Moria
3. Pontus Euxinus
4. Trapped In Ice
5. Stolas
6. The Isle of Mull
7. Kestrel
8. Oort Cloud
9. Blue Sun
10. The Golden Bird

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