This Raging Silence – “Isotopes and Endoscopes”

This Raging SilenceAs always, I am straight forward and brutally honest when it comes to reviews. When a band purposefully states that Porcupine Tree is their main influence, it raises the bar very high. Such is the case for This Raging Silence and their album “Isotopes and Endoscopes.” PT is not their only influence but prog rock wise, it’s PT and Pink Floyd mainly. However, they really seem more like an alternative rock band with some minor prog moments.

The first thing I noticed was on the opening track “Alone Inside My Head” was that the snare sound was strange. It was very high and almost sounded like a sample. The next thing was Jeff Cox’s vocals. I feel bad saying this because Jeff was nice enough to send me the CD but I just don’t like his voice on this track. He sounds better on other tracks like “Garden Of Joy” but he doesn’t really have a voice that always fits the music that This Raging Silence are doing.

Which leads me to the music itself. The bulk of the music tends to be more like a Jeff Buckley alternative rock vibe rather than actual prog. I have no problem with that but it just isn’t music that I personally seek out. The second track “Garden Of Joy” is actually a tribute to Buckley and I suppose on that level it works. But again, it’s just not that interesting to me.

The long track “Confluence” points out another issue. Just making a long song does not really make you “prog.” The song has a long intro that sounds a bit like Pink Floyd stuck in neutral. It does basically the same things over and over, very “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” but not as good as that. Very Floydian sounding. Once the track gets going, it does feel very Floyd like. The song is padded and really should have been significantly shortened and tightened up, versus being a forced epic.

“Stars Over Lorna Doone” is a bit folky and bluesy. It has a Southern rock feel and they are quite good at that style. Jeff’s voice seems to fit this style much better. “Caves of Rojales” is a solid rock song which shows off the bands soloing. To be clear, it is not insane technical soloing but rather good solid classic rock soloing. “Forgiven” closes things out with a bit of a Porcupine Tree-ish vibe but again, it still really isn’t overly prog. The drums on the track are a bit too loud.

All in all, I think the band is talented but I think they might be trying too hard to be prog when being a classic rock/blues band would be more in their wheel house. Jeff Cox has a voice more suited for that style and the band’s playing seems to do more laid back which fits that as well. This Raging Silence are just not my cup of tea but if you like artists like Jeff Buckley or even the Black Crowes, I think this band might be a fit for you.

Rating: 5/10

1. Alone Inside My Head
2. Garden of Joy
3. Confluence
4. Stars over Lorna Doone
5. Caves of Rojales
6. All is Forgiven


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