CHON – “Grow”

CHON_-_GrowCHON are misunderstood. I’ve seen them labeled as metal and even djent, yet they are neither. While I think they do have some DNA that would connect them to bands like Animals as Leaders or Scale the Summit, they never crank their amps up or shred. The playing on “Grow,” while quite technical, is actually understated at times and even restrained. It’s pleasant and quite beautiful.

One of the things that confused me was that they are NOT an all-instrumental band as I thought they would be. Tracks such as “Can’t Wait” and “Echo” have vocals, but the vocals are rather basic which there is nothing wrong with, it just doesn’t quite fit with the rest of tracks that are instrumental. I recall when Joe Satriani did vocals back on the “Flying in a Blue Dream” album. The vocals were okay, they just weren’t necessary. And that’s the case here.

When CHON are clicking, they remind me a bit of The Aristocrats, just not as over the top. I do wish there were more fireworks on “Grow” but tracks like “Story” and “Knot” are still quite interesting and quirky enough. CHON are more interested in having a jazz flavor than a metal onslaught. There’s nothing wrong with that either. “Grow” shows a young band that, while they may keep company with metal bands, have a very mature and soothing sound that make for a great change of pace from the rest of the crowd.

Rating: 8/10

1. Drift
2. Story
3. Fall
4. Book
5. Can’t Wait
6. Suda
7. Knot
8. Moon
9. Splash
10. Perfect Pillow
11. Echo
12. But


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