Moonbound – “Uncomfortable News from the Moon”

moonboundalbumI love when an album seemingly comes out of nowhere and completely blows me away. Such is the case for “Uncomfortable News from the Moon” by Moonbound. I found out about Moonbound from a post by Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson and Stick Men, who mentioned that he and fellow Stick Men member Markus Reuter play on this album. I sought out the label, Power Prog and asked to review this album. A great decision.

Moonbound is a project headed by multi-instrumentalist Fabio Trentini who wrote everything. He contributed the vocals, bass guitar, guitars and keyboards. He enlisted not only the aforementioned Mastelotto and Reuter but also legendary bassist Tony Levin, Mastelotto’s co-horts from his Mr. Mister days, Steve Farris and Steve George, and more.

The key however is Trentini whose vocals sound somewhere between Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and even Phil’s son Simon Collins. If one were to say this was the next Sound of Contact album, I don’t think many people would even know otherwise.

The songwriting on this album is absolutely stellar. From the intro-like, massively melodic opener “As Long as the Dream is Real,” to the Crimson meets Genesis first single “Cheetah Conquers the Moon (Part 1)” which features excellent touch guitar from Markus Reuter, this album really sounds like a greatest hits album. Every single song is so memorable, catchy and yeah very prog at the same time.

One of the most interesting tracks is the cover of the Devo song “Beautiful World” which sounds more like it’s a Peter Gabriel song! And that’s the other interesting thing. Trentini uses interesting percussion and programming that harkens back to the 80s. Listen to tracks like “Guidance” or “Get Along” and you will understand what I mean. Fans of 80s era Crimson and Duke era Genesis will find plenty to enjoy here.

Hopefully, people will find this album and give it a good listen. Trentini has a great voice and “Uncomfortable News from the Moon” is packed with great music, start to finish. This is modern prog with a beautiful sheen on it that will have you listening to it again and again. I have not stopped listening to it and I have no plans to!

Rating: 9.5/10

1. As Long As The Dream Is Real
2. Hero & Zero
3. Union
4. The Sacred Flame
5. Cheetah Conquers The Moon (Part 1)
6. The Real Loneliness
7. Get Along
8. Guidance
9. Beautiful World
10. Almighty Game


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