Krallice – “Ygg Huur”

KralliceKrallice are relentless in many ways. This NYC based black metal band released 4 albums in 5 years between 2008 and 2012. Each album seemed to get bigger and more expansive sounding. This is not “user-friendly” American black metal like Vattnet Viskar (a favorite of mine), who add post metal atmosphere to their music. Krallice do add a heap of prog metal to their albums. Well, they did anyway.

When Krallice took 3 years to release “Ygg Huur,” my assumption was that maybe they were making their biggest and longest album yet. Wrong! “Ygg Huur” is a mere 35 minutes. But don’t let that fool you. Krallice have not simplified things at all. If anything, this album has even more going on than previous releases.

“Ygg Huur” is Krallice mashing their huge sound into tighter spaces. There are so many notes and riffs flying around from start to finish that I’d say that it is actually their most complex release to date. And that’s saying something if you’ve experienced them before.

“Ygg Huur” has the spirit of their first self-titled album but has the maturity and technicality of a band that has grown fast over a short period of time. The album also underscores that Krallice are not content to water down their sound at all. This is some very brutal black metal and very dense also. Production wise, it SEEMS more lo-fi than in the past but that might just be the amount of music being thrown at you all at once.

Krallice offer a true black metal record for fans of the genre while at the same time, they maintain their high standards that fans have known them for. “Ygg Huur” is a definite statement that Krallice are the champions for America’s black metal scene.

Rating: 8/10

1. Idols
2. Wastes of Ocean
3. Over Spirit
4. Tyranny of Thought
5. Bitter Meditation
6. Engram

Label: Avantgarde Music

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