Diatessaron – “Sunshine”

The quickest thing I could say about “Sunshine” by Diatessaron is that if you love Coheed and Cambria, you will love this. While the info on this band makes claims of Genesis, Rush and King Crimson, none of those bands are present at all. Diatessaron are a shinier, happier version of Coheed. It is that simple.

The problem is they lack the songwriting ability of Coheed. The hooks are more scarce and the playing is good but nothing that ever grabs your attention. Vocalist Simon TJ has a delivery VERY close to Claudio Sanchez but not as high pitched and with more vibrato. And yes they are happy too. I knew I was in trouble when there were handclaps on the opening track “All the Way” that were not used ironically. They are just in a good mood.

Basically, this is pop rock which is fine. I really don’t hear anything prog at all. Calling it “condensed prog” is cute but I think calling it ambitious pop is more accurate. I love Mew for example and while they are definitely pop, they have the hooks and they always throw curves in their songs. Diatessaron have curves but they tend to be in the melody lines which just destroy whatever hook they are looking for.

Diatessaron are definitely talented musicians. Simon TJ can definitely sing. Production wise, the snare is too quiet and never drives the songs. The best track is the title track which has real potential but with a line like “I feel like we’re going nowhere,” is almost prophetic since the song never truly takes off. The closer “Moonshine” is another nice song, very pleasant but again sounds like something Coheed and Cambria would do better. If these guys want to be happy that’s fine, Mew and Jeavestone are both happy sounding bands but they are unique and have the song writing down.

Rating: 5/10

1. All the Way
2. Deexister
3. Sky Blue
4. In the End
5. The Place Where the Sun Never Sets
6. The Hummingbird
7. Sunshine Chorale
8. Sunshine: I. Sunshine
9. Sunshine: II. The Horizon
10. Sunshine: III. Never Ends
11. Moonshine

Bandcamp: diatessaron.bandcamp.com/album/sunshine

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