Progoctopus – “Transcendence” EP

progoctopusAs their name would suggest, Progoctopus are a 4 person (8 arms, 8 legs) prog rock band from the UK. Their debut is a 4 track EP called “Transcendence.” To start with, the band can certainly play and are gifted musicians. That being said, musically the songs could use some additional work.

The transitions tend to be abrupt and there were times when a section went on too long or others that were basically “one and done.” The opening combo part 1 and 2 of the title track are interesting. I liked part 1 but part 2 seemed a bit unnecessary and all over the place.

I should of course mention vocalist Jane Gillard, who while she can definitely sing, doesn’t fit the music when the band tries playing a bit more edgy. Her voice is sweet and a tad too “milk and cookies” for my taste. Sure it’s fine as a snack, but I wouldn’t want it as a meal. She tries to scream or yell and the first time I laughed. The second time she did it, I cringed.

The third track is an acoustic piece “Like Stone” which is better suited for Gillard’s voice. It’s a decent track but nothing revolutionary. The closer “Carousel” seems aptly named. You get taken around a lot but don’t feel like you necessarily gone anywhere.

Let me say it again, the band has definite talent and can play. I like that the overdubs are limited on the album so you can hear each musician clearly. Drummer Tim Wilson reminds me a bit of Terry Bozzio. But at the end of the day, the EP seems a bit like a District 97 demo. Hopefully, the band grows and evolves from here.

Rating: 5.5/10

1. Transcendence Pt. 1
2. Transcendence Pt. 2
3. Like Stone
4. Carousel


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