Year Of The Goat – “The Unspeakable”

YearoftheGoatIt’s great to find bands like Year of the Goat. They are definitely a throwback to the 70s with their overall sound, yet it never sounds dated like many of the bands today. They have a love of vintage keyboards, dual lead guitars and an epic sound. All of those things really appeal to me. They combine a doom vibe with a dash of psychedelia and a good portion of prog.

The opening track “All He Has Read” is one of my favorite tracks. A massive, progressive song with dual lead guitars and an amazing vocal from singer Thomas Sabbathi. He has an excellent range and a very emotional delivery. “Pillars of the South” has a great riff and very cool backing vocals. Tons of harmony on this track. If this were the 70s, it would be on the radio!

“Vermin” reminds me a lot of Hammers of Misfortune, who are amazing band as well. Cowbell? I love it! Blue Oyster Cult is another band they remind me of, especially on this track. The song really rocks. The guitar solo is worth listening to alone.

“World of Wonders” continues to walk the line between light and darkness. Year of the Goat have this dark undertone to each track, yet the vocals and arrangements allow plenty of sunlight into their darkened world. “The Wind” has its eerie organ passages, while the closing track “Riders of Vultures” is a slow, almost slithery song that you can feel the evil rising from.

Year of the Goat have a true winner with “The Unspeakable.” It rivals the work of another band that favors a retro slanted sound, Witchcraft. There is something going on in Sweden with this scene! Year of the Goat have advanced to the forefront of this scene with “The Unspeakable.”

Rating: 8.5/10

1. All He Has Read
2. Pillars of the South
3. The Emma
4. Vermin
5. World Of Wonders
6. The Wind
7. Black Sunlight
8. The Sermon
9. Riders Of Vultures

Label: Napalm Records

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