Trials – “This Ruined World”

TrialsThis album showed up in my review inbox claiming it was a combo of thrash, death and progressive metal. I gave it my best shot and discovered that it was basically the run of the mill thrash metal that’s been done to death lately and better by bands like Sylosis, Dew-Scented and many others. I wasn’t going to bother writing a review since, despite the claim, there is nothing remotely “progressive” about Trials. But after seeing a few too many positive reviews, I felt that someone needed to offer an opposing argument.

Trials can play their instruments and Mark Sugar has the standard thrash meets death metal vocal. But that’s really about it. None of the songs offer anything new or interesting. No new ground is broken and you’d be hard pressed to pick this band out of a crowd of bands that they sound exactly like.

I am also officially sick of every fucking band labeling themselves as “progressive” just to hop on the prog bandwagon that has suddenly been deemed popular. I’ve loved prog longer than these guys have been alive and I won’t have the prog label watered down by bands trying to be a part of something because it will help them sell more product. I suppose prog fans should be flattered but enough is enough.

If you like standard modern thrash metal like Killswitch Engage or the like, I am sure you will think “This Ruined World” is amazing. It’s not even as good as Sylosis for that matter. If you are looking for tech death metal or prog metal, this is not it.

Rating: 2/10


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You suck


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