AGENT FRESCO STREAMING NEW ALBUM DESTRIER IN FULL New Album Out August 7th as CD, 2LP, Download and Stream!

unnamedThe long wait is over! Icelandic 4-piece AGENT FRESCO is offering a full album stream of their new album Destrier that is in stores via Long Branch Records this Friday.  The album is available for streaming at

The mission Destrier is accomplished, and it outstrips its predecessor A Long Time Listening almost effortlessly. The 14 new pieces of music are a cornucopia of musical atmopsheres, ideas and textures, an emotional tour de force through lightless chasms, up to the skies, leading from the darkest aspects of human existence to moments of sheer beauty. Suddenly, it is all just too clear why this album took so long: works like these are not to be written between lunch break and dinner. AGENT FRESCO managed to maintain the musical variety of the debut album, but stretch it even further. Destrier is a journey through every guitar-driven genre developed before, with influences ranging from classical music to philosophy, from poetry to ancient myth, to create their very own brew of emotionally packed pieces.

Order Now:



iTunes (incl. Bonus Track)




“Wait For Me”

“See Hell”

“Dark Water”

More information at:

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