Crisalida – “Terra Ancestral”

unnamedCrisalida are on their sixth album “Terra Ancestral” and this is the first that I have heard of them. I suppose that being Chilean and singing in their native tongue might have something to do with that. Still, given how talented the band is, I would have thought I would have a clue who they were. Well I do now!

Lead vocalist Cinthia Santibañez is a dynamic vocalist with great range and an emotional delivery. Her vocals are truly a highlight of each song on “Terra Ancestral” and she is so good that it really doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish or not. The band with her is equally talented. Guitarist Damian Agurto Gárate never overplays and his solos always fit the song. A prime example is his solo on the third track “Bosque triste,” which is very melodic and driving at the same time.

There are plenty of great riffs plus enough spacious atmosphere to each song. The closest comparisons I could make would be Riverside, Dream Theater and definitely Anathema, with producer Daniel Cardoso being in Anathema. Crisalida’s brand of progressive metal is always about creating a powerful song rather than just showing off. The album maybe could use an epic track to make it even better, but that’s a very minor quibble on my part. The production is solid but I am not always crazy about the snare drum sound that producer Cardoso gets which is odd since he is a drummer but it’s not bad, just not as full as I like personally.

Crisalida should get more attention outside of Spanish speaking countries. Hopefully, “Terra Ancestral” is the album to do that. It has the songs, the performance and overall dynamics that most progressive metal fans will enjoy. Perhaps, it has nothing ground breaking, it does make a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

Rating: 7.5/10

1. Cabo de hornos
2. Morir aquí
3. Bosque triste
4. Hidromachi
5. Lágrimas negras
6. Kawesqar
7. Violeta gris

Label: Mechanix Records

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