Piah Mater – “Memories of Inexistence”

a2609587366_16Brazil’s Piah Mater don’t really hide their influences on “Memories of Inexistence” but when a release sounds as good as this one, I am not worried how “Opethian” that they sound. It’s never a copy at all. Piah Mater remind me of Australia’s Be’lakor a little and somewhat of Enslaved at times as well. The key is that these guys create their own recipe from these ingredients.

The riff 7 minutes into the opener “Cathiard” could be on any older Opeth release, but the band have so many different types of riffs both before and after that specific riff, you never think that they are trying to be Opeth at all. The insane opening section of the second track “Anticipation” is a highlight of the album. Vocally, this track has death growls, some black metal wretches and a great clean vocal. It’s an intense track.

“Mother Soil” sounds like a lost track from the Opeth “Deliverance” album. Again, I am not upset about it because it sounds amazing and it’s a great song, with more pummeling riffs and diverse vocals. I should also mention the beautiful acoustic guitar work in that track and the next one “Inexistents” which is a solo acoustic piece with some great vocals.

“Young Rust” is one of the heavier tracks and it still works in some clean vocals to balance out some of harshest vocals on the album. “Immaculate” is aptly titled. Heavy then melodic, a cello, a mellotron. it’s a powerful and dramatic track. The 10 minute epic “A Greater Freedom” closes out “Memories of Inexistence” in style. Again, the musicianship is absolutely top notch as it is throughout the album.

The album has lots of light and shade, in a very good balance as well. Some progressive death metal bands either overdo the death vocals or have a tough time blending the quieter moments needed for a balanced song. Piah Mater are great at it. It’s rather surprising that this is their debut album! Quality and maturity like this don’t usually happen for quite a while and Piah Mater have set the bar very high for everything they do in the future.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Cathiard
2. Anticipation
3. Mother Soil
4. Inexistents
5. Young Rust
6. Immaculate
7. A Greater Freedom

Bandcamp: piahmater.bandcamp.com

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