The Fierce & The Dead – “Magnet” EP

a1117573037_10There are 2 groups of people. Those that know who The Fierce & The Dead are and those that should know who The Fierce & The Dead are. For those who know, the “Magnet” EP is probably already on your list of things to get. You will all love this EP because it picks up right where their last album “Spooky Action” left off. For the rest of the world at large, read this review and then you can go buy TFATD’s music!

The EP kicks off with the steamroller “Magnet in Your Face” which basically distills down everything that TFATD does well. Heavy riffs, fuzzed out bass, slamming drums and even a quick guitar interlude. I love this song and wish it was at least twice as long as 1:41! The next track “Palm Trees” is slower, has hand claps and VOCALS! Well ok, so it’s just one gang vocal of the band yelling “PALM TREES!” That just underscores the fun factor which is always present on everything this band does! “Flint” is has a cool groove with some very atmospheric track that eventually builds to a climax before calming back down.

“Part 6 (The Eighth Circuit)” is part of an ongoing set of tracks that the band has linked together. Their first EP was one 18 plus minute track called “Part 1.” So yes, I always look forward to another part and this one doesn’t disappoint! The last 2 tracks on the EP might be the best example of what TFATD are about. They are rehearsal recordings of 2 songs from the last album, “Let’s Start A Cult” and “Spooky Action.”

While TFATD are a prog band, they are more importantly a “DIY” band that has a garage rock spirit. Each member of the band is a virtuoso on their respective instrument but they use this ability to jam together and “see what happens.” That spirit is more obvious on these 2 recordings. They take the rawness of what is at the essense of TFATD and make it even more raw and even more impressive when you consider what these guys are playing. Does it sound easy because it’s so pure and honest? I think that’s the core of what these guys are about.

The “Magnet” EP is a great introduction to the uninitiated and it is a must have for those already part of their cult. TFATD prove that prog is not always pretty but rather it can be grimy and dirty yet have a beautiful side too. That’s the wonderful dichotomy of The Fierce & The Dead!

Rating: 9/10
1. Magnet In Your Face
2. Palm Trees
3. Flint
4. Part 6 (The Eighth Circuit)
5. Let’s Start A Cult (rehearsal recording)
6. Spooky Action (rehearsal recording)

Label: Bad Elephant Music

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