Dream Theater’s 30th Anniversary: My 30 Favorite Songs, Part 1 (21-30)

644412_10152643132672181_910197305346937279_nIt really boggles my mind that Dream Theater has existed for 30 years. Granted they were Majesty back in 1985 but still, they have done some amazing things in those 30 years. Now I know I’ve seen plenty of sites that give “BEST OF” lists. Sure, I will do a year end list but really, it’s all personal preference…no different than an album review!

To honor the mighty Dream Theater’s 30th Anniversary, here are my 30 favorite songs by them and why I love the song. Not all of their albums are represented because like any band, they have had some weak albums. Of course even that is a huge debate among Dream Theater fans! Let’s start with numbers 25

30. “Wither” from Black Clouds and Silver Linings – This song is a strong song on what I consider a very weak album. The problem with BCaBS is really the lyrics. Ironically, the best track is a ballad about writer’s block! This is the only song from this album on my list.

29. “Hollow Years” from Falling Into Infinity – “Hollow Years” is one of those songs that shows Dream Theater really could do any genre of music. The song has one of the best choruses the band has done and could have been a hit single for someone like Sting.

28. “Outcry” from A Dramatic Turn of Events – One of the epics from the first album of the Mangini era, “Outcry” didn’t really hit me right away. Like any good song, it took longer to grow and the song has the standard DT insanity in the middle of it.

27. “I Walk Beside You” from Octavarium – Another one of Dream Theater’s extremely “user friendly” songs. A good song is a good song and this is a REALLY good song. A great riff and a great melody.

26. “This Is The Life” from A Dramatic Turn of Events – Another one of the Dream Theater “power ballads.” It features some of John Petrucci’s best lyrics and my favorite Jordan Rudess solo.

25. “Enigma Machine” from Dream Theater – This song probably should be higher on my list but I think it shows how many great songs the band has. This one showcases the current lineup at its most instrumentally dangerous.

24. “Home” from Metropolis Part II: Scenes From A Memory – People are going to be angry that not only do I only have 2 songs from this album on my list but this one is at 24. Again, this is just an opinion and it is more about liking other songs a LITTLE more than an indictment on this one. I really consider “Home” to be the actual SONG sequel to “Metropolis – Part I.” I love the use of that song’s riffs in “Home.”

23. “Breaking All Illusions” from A Dramatic Turn of Events – Another epic from this album. These featured the return of John Myung to lyric writing which I welcomed wholeheartedly. Add in that each section has some great playing and the “trade off” section is one of my favorite Dream Theater instrumental sections!

22. “6:00” from Awake – This KILLS me to have this song down at 22. WHAT AM I THINKING!!! Great lyrics from Kevin Moore, great solos from Kevin Moore and a signature intro from Mike Portnoy. Killer track.

21 “Surrender To Reason” from Dream Theater – Powerful lyrics from John Myung. I love the overall structure of this song. It bookends the song with the same riff and never uses it in the middle. The overall structure is unlike anything they’ve done before.

OK, those are the “bottom” ten of my favorite 30 Dream Theater songs. I’ll be posting 11-20 soon!

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  3. loubreed says:

    It’s strange that you despise Black Clouds&Silver Linings so much for it’s lyrical awkwardness. I don’t think they did anything good lyrically ever since Kevin Moore’s departure. IMHO, lyrics on the BC&SL are neither better nor worse than on any other DT album.

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