Grus Paridae – Passes By

61wlPCxls-L._SS280Reviewing a single is easier than an album or EP but so much hinges on so little. In the case of the “Passes By” single from Grus Paridae, it’s like night and day…depending on your preference of sunlight. There are 2 songs and they could not be more different, both stylistically and in quality.

The title track is a big, sweeping song with excellent harmonies and an overall great sound. The other song “Inheritance of Devotion” is awful. Why is awful? I have never gotten through it. The vocals are horrid, very raspy and seemingly not in tune. The music sounds like free-form jazz done poorly. Basically the songs are polar opposites.

I suppose it’s good to have variety but for a new band to release only 2 songs, you’d think they would be not only the best representation of the band’s sound but also their best songs. Instead, you aren’t really sure what direction the band is going. Plus the quality is only half good. If you want to check out Grus Paridae, listen to the SONG “Passes By” but I would recommend being cautious with the other song. If you stand that song, you’re a better person than I am.

Rating: 5/10

1. Passes By
2. Inheritance of Devotion


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