Kylver – “The Mountain Ghost”

11107465_1598741800343259_8035437328598265109_nI’ll just come right out and say that this album exceeded any expectations I may have had. In fact, “The Mountain Ghost” by UK’s Kylver is one of those rare albums that not only are you shocked when the 40 minutes are done “already,” but when you start playing it again, you think “wow it really was as great as I thought it was last time I listened.”

The album is comprised of 4 massive sounding tracks that range from over 14 minutes of the opening track “The Mountains Have Ghosts” to the more user friendly 6 minutes of “The Dance of the Mountain Ghost.” And what an epic opening track, the slow moody opening with amazing organ work by Neil Elliot make you feel like this could be a Goblin-like track. But then the sledgehammer is lowered by guitarist Jonny Scott, who is such a riffmaster.

I suppose you could call Kylver “Goblin on massive doses of steroids” but that might not be fair since Kylver have a style very much their own. The vintage keyboards always lead the way but this is a HEAVY band. Is it metal? Think 70s metal and you have a better idea of what they are about. Each of the 4 tracks have many twists and turns with the band guiding the listener effortless with great transitions.

“The Feast of the Mountain Ghost” starts with a piano driven part that is mellow and laid back. Until the band puts the peddle down about half way through the track. Once again, the organ of Neil Elliot is awesome. And is that a trumpet?? Next, “The Dance of the Mountain Ghost” has a verse/chorus/verse feel to it but I don’t know which section is which. It’s the dynamics like this that make this song and all of the songs work so well. Headbanging one moment, quiet grooving the next!

The final track “The Death of the Mountain Ghost” has some vintage synth sounds that are fucking amazing! If you want to know why all bands need to use keyboards, the opening section of this song is the reason. Psychedelic and creepy as hell!! Another highlight of this track are the tasty fills by drummer Barry Mitcheson throughout the track but specifically toward the end of it when things get wild. Not to be forgotten is bassist James Bowmaker who gives each song balls and a bedrock bottom end.

There is not a wasted note or a less than brilliant moment on “The Mountain Ghost.” I am very fortunate to have been given the chance to review this stunning album and I will be playing these tracks on my weekly radio show from now on. Check out Kylver now and you will NOT be disappointed!

Rating: 10/10
1. The Mountain Has Ghosts
2. The Feast of the Mountain Ghost
3. The Dance of the Mountain Ghost
4. The Death of the Mountain Ghost


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