The Kahless Clone – “An Endless Loop” EP

a2638142393_16The Kahless Clone is a side project of Novembers Doom guitarist Vito Marchese. While the EP “An Endless Loop” is definitely heavy, The Kahless Clone have more dynamics and a different vibe than Novembers Doom. Keyboardist Ben Johnson plays a major role in the songs especially the opening track “Leave This Place With Me” which has a piano line that runs throughout the song. The song is soft and then loud and powerful.

The second track “I Can Feel Them, but I Can’t Remember Them” gives the spotlight to the percussive programming of Zach Libbe before kicking in with some serious thunder from the rest of the band. It ends quieter again with new age style synths. “An Endless Loop” is very cinematic and the band really allow the music to paint mental pictures for the listener.

“Everything You See is Gone” also has the quieter start but it’s a much slower build. The song has a very doom like feel to it. Quiet but foreboding. It sounds like it could erupt at any moment but makes you wait. When it does erupt, it is fucking massive. Again, I love the keyboard touches throughout this track as well.

The EP closes out with “A Somber Reflection” which is aptly named. A pulsing beat underneath soothing guitars makes for a perfect end to a truly impressive EP. Of course my only complaint is that “An Endless Loop” is not endless and is just an EP! Hopefully, this is just the start for The Kahless Clone. The link to their Bandcamp page is below and this EP is $5 for a physical copy and “Name Your Price” for a digital copy. Highly recommended!

Rating: 9/10

1. Leave This Place With Me
2. I Can Feel Them, but I Can’t Remember Them
3. Everything You See is Gone
4. A Somber Reflection


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