Chris Squire: 1948 – 2015

Chrissquire2014The passing of Yes co-founder Chris Squire is devastating to me. Yes fans all over the globe are mourning the loss of one of the greatest that ever was. Chris Squire redefined what a bassist could do in the scope of rock music. He did things that just were not done. His style made use of the entire fretboard on an instrument that was generally meant to hold down the bottom of the song.

Chris, instead, played whatever he wanted and in the process changed the way his drummer at the time, Bill Bruford approached his own playing. Yes was also known for their vocals and without Chris’ distinctive backing vocals, the band would not have sounded the same. Many of Yes’ songs were co-written by him as well. He was the only member of Yes to appear on each Yes album. Though, I am one Yes fan that considers the ABWH album to be a true Yes album.

For now, Yes are scheduled to tour with Toto this summer with Billy Sherwood on bass. Billy can play like Chris and even sing LIKE him but he is not Chris Squire. The same way that Jon Davison is not Jon Anderson. Without Chris, Yes truly doesn’t exist any longer. They are basically a tribute band, to him and the music the band created over the years.

I would love for Jon Anderson to return to Yes now but I really doubt that will happen. Out of respect, I think the suriving members of the current Yes lineup will probably block that from happening. For the fans, I think it would allow us all to have some closure and to remember Yes as they were, rather than as they will be. A band missing it’s foundation.

RIP Chris Squire. Thank you for everything. I will always miss you.

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