Live Review: King’s X at Newton Theater in Newton, NJ

Date: June 13, 2015
Groove Machine
The World Around Me
Flies and Blue Skies
Mission (first time in 20 years!)
(Thinking and Wondering) What I’m Gonna Do
Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something
A Box
Over My Head
Over and Over
We Were Born to Be Loved
Go Tell Somebody
Goldilox (sung by audience)

It had been over 20 years (1994) since my wife and I had last seen King’s X. Back in 1990, my wife and I met online on a King’s X bulletin board. This was way before people were doing online dating. We were on opposite sites of the country no less. So seeing this band means a lot to both of us. The band sounded great. Considering the health issues that drummer Jerry Gaskill has gone through and the hip problems of lead singer and bassist Doug (dUg) Pinnick, it makes things even more important. Who knows how many times we have to see a band like this?

The setlist covered many personal favorites like “A Box,” “Pleiades,” and “Everybody Knows A Little Bit.” It also had a special highlight of “Mission” which seemed like a last second addition. Doug pointed out that they hadn’t done the song in 20 years and his recollection of the lyrics were spotty at first. By the second verse, the lyrics were coming back to him. The audience love it!

Another great moment was the song “Vegetable” which was never a favorite of mine on record but in a live setting, the guys really rocked it out. The two mainstays of King’s X shows, “Over My Head” and “We Were Born to be Loved” were both typically awesome. The show closed with the audience singing ALL of “Goldilox” accompanied only by Ty Tabor’s guitar. The band would just kick in for the solo and the end of the song. It underscored the special relationship that this band has with their fans. Maybe King’s X doesn’t have millions of fans but the fans they do have are far more dedicated to them than any of the band could have probably hoped.


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